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Our glossary is the place where you can find the meanings of all terms in the field of transport and logistics.

The temporary storage procedure is intended for storage of goods for which a customs manifest has been submitted but which have not yet been assigned a customs-approved treatment or use. Temporary storage sites must be approved in advance and licensed by the responsible customs authorities.
Until they are assigned a customs-approved treatment or use, all foreign goods in Bulgaria are treated as goods in temporary storage. This type of goods may be stored only at locations approved in advance by the responsible customs authorities.
The collective freight transport service involves the joint forwarding of freights whose dimensions are smaller than the overall capacity of the container, trailer or other vehicle/vessel. In this way the available space is filled to capacity with the freights of different customers.
FTL transport of goods means that the entire container, trailer, or other vehicle/vessel is occupied by the goods of one and the same customer.
The customs warehouse is a location approved by the customs authorities which is under customs control and where goods can be stored under specific conditions. Customs warehouses may be used for the storage of goods by any person (public customs warehouse) or for the storage of goods by the holder of a customs warehousing permit (private customs warehouse).
Both non-EU and EU goods may be subjected to this procedure (under specific conditions) for an indefinite period of time. When goods are placed under this procedure, no import duties or other receivables are being levied on them, and they are not subject to the measures of the EU trade policy.
The Inward Processing procedure allows for one or more operations in the customs territory of the country relating to the processing of foreign and imported goods.

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